Take the CAN’T out of do and make it an I CAN!

I feel horrible about not posting anything since the beginning of this blog, but life happens and we let other things on our to do list slide, but I promise to become more active and to help my fellow fitness enthusiasts, clients and whoever else wants to learn how to become fit with wisdom (Prajna).

I recently created a running group for clients and friends, we are 2 weeks into our group, meeting Tuesday’s and Saturday’s. Our first Saturday run last weekend was amazing as I had two ladies in the group not only complete their first 5k, but surpass it to run 4.48 miles!!!! This is where the mental part of running or really almost anything comes into play. If you are fairly new to running or have only run a certain amount of miles or kilometers you would say NO WAY I cannot possibly run 3.2 miles let alone more than that. But my group of strong women and men DID IT! They conquered their can’t do attitude and turned it into a can do. 🙂

The same is so working out, lifting, training, or whatever other term you prefer to use. Have some faith in yourself, push yourself, but push yourself wisely. Don’t strain, so much you recruit the wrong muscles to get the job done. But always push yourself, set goals and then surpass them.

For all of the new and perhaps not so new runners out there, I came across a great article from Runner’s World on different strength training exercises and stretches to do that help prevent injuries.

Check it out!



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