This week there was a great piece on NPR about breathe, meditation and exercise.  Attached is the blurb from them.  Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

There has been a lot of talk on the benefits of yoga, meditation and breath lately and there is nothing but truth to all of it.  I don’t need NPR or a scientist to back my beliefs.  Years ago I tried to break out of the corporate world, the mold of what was expected of me and I moved to Maui, Hawaii.  I left a great job, apartment and friends in Washington, DC.  I wanted and needed to slow down and I wanted more out of life, spiritually.   I was almost there, mentally and spiritually but not quite…I just wasn’t ready, darn it, no matter how much I wanted to be and honestly today I could say that if I was put in the same scenario now it would be much different, but I don’t live in Maui any longer.

OK so my point being, I did learn to stop, to breathe and to watch the world around me rotate.  I still try and sometimes, not successfully but darn it I try. The quipy saying of don’t sweat the small stuff, well it is true.  We get so wrapped up in the bullshit that we forget what really matters, family friends, health and to stop and breathe.  Look around you, appreciate the leaf falling, smell the earth, the love you have for family, friends, your husband or wife, your dog or your cat. This is all precious, and also so quickly lost and drowned out in the noise of the everyday.

Take your strength,Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff make of life what you will, but do not waste it.


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