It is a rainy day here in the Washington, DC metro area, not exactly conducive to promoting energetic feelings, at least not for me.  So here I am sharing my experience of quietude I experienced earlier this morning.  The word quietude means a state of calm or stillness either in a person or a place.

After training two clients this morning, I came home to walk our dogs, my husband and I own 2 English Springer Spaniels, Gaia & Milton, and we go on walks at least 4-5 times a day sometimes it is relaxing and other times a little stressful.   Today I took a different approach to walking my dogs, I didn’t talk to them or make noise.  Usually you may find me babbling nonsensically down the trail or walking path talking or heaven forbid singing to my 2 dogs.  If you have ever heard me sing, it is not pretty.  It isn’t  like the dogs can understand what I am saying, or that they would even care.  I have read a few studies saying dogs really don’t like a lot of unnecessary noise or you calling their name when it isn’t necessary so today I stayed quiet.  We walked in peace as the rain fell, Gaia and Milton sniffed to their heart’s delight, checked out squirrels, occasionally trying to pull my arm out of the socket to try to catch one of the furry squirrels with their mouths chock full of acorns.  The further into the walk the more I noticed the smells ofhe fall leaves and the rain.  It was like my senses were heightened and I became more relaxed with every step.  With this I relaxed even more, the dogs felt it and just trotted along doing their thing…seemingly content.

My mindset was similar to when I go for a run by myself.  I relax, enjoy my surroundings, and my mind quiets down.  Sometimes I will think about my business, how to promote or market my business, I came up with my logo during one of my runs,  recipes I would like to make for dinner. Everyone is different, and I am not saying that you will find the same sort of ‘space’ in your mind, but you will appreciate the world around you just a little bit more, that I can guarantee.

Let’s take time to practice quietude once a day, our body and minds crave it.

Wishing you a peaceful and happy Tuesday,


The Chickens

Gaia & Milton

3 thoughts on “Quietude

  1. Dyann says:

    I love that! I recently read that dogs don’t necessarily like it when we humans talk too much…..Nicole, I too find that sometimes my mind is “better” when I’m out for a long solo run. It helps me when I have a big test coming up…lets me go over the material and it calms me down. Thanks for posting!

    • Prajna Fitness says:

      Thanks for your reply Dyann! Isn’t it wonderful how certain physical activities bring an overall sense of calm? Good luck with your schooling and the tests, I know you will do great!

  2. Rachel says:

    Great post Nicole! Quietude is a very important daily routine I have been practicing for many years now. I rarely loose my temper and credit my quietude time for my ability to handle stressful business and personal decisions with ease.

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