It is a rainy day here in the Washington, DC metro area, not exactly conducive to promoting energetic feelings, at least not for me.  So here I am sharing my experience of quietude I experienced earlier this morning.  The word quietude means a state of calm or stillness either in a person or a place.

After training two clients this morning, I came home to walk our dogs, my husband and I own 2 English Springer Spaniels, Gaia & Milton, and we go on walks at least 4-5 times a day sometimes it is relaxing and other times a little stressful.   Today I took a different approach to walking my dogs, I didn’t talk to them or make noise.  Usually you may find me babbling nonsensically down the trail or walking path talking or heaven forbid singing to my 2 dogs.  If you have ever heard me sing, it is not pretty.  It isn’t  like the dogs can understand what I am saying, or that they would even care.  I have read a few studies saying dogs really don’t like a lot of unnecessary noise or you calling their name when it isn’t necessary so today I stayed quiet.   Continue reading